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Chi Kung

Chi KungChi Kung (QiGong) is the ancient art of cultivating one's own energy through the use of breath, gentle movements, mindfulness and meditation. It is typically done as a self-healing practice, and has been a part of Chinese culture for millennia. One of Chi Kung's most beautiful elements is its accessibility—it can be practiced by people of any age and physical ability. It is an exercise that accumulates and balances energy in the body rather than using it, leaving the practitioner feeling refreshed. Chi Kung incorporates a wide variety of mind/body exercises to bring about a healthy flow of chi. Tai Chi is a form of Chi Kung.

Chi Kung has a long history of use in health enhancement of the physical as well as mental and emotional aspects of the individual. Benefits attributed to it include strengthening of the constitution, avoidance of premature aging and prevention of disease, among others. Links to more in-depth information can be found under Links & Resources.

Chi KungChi Kung is the only healing modality that is both clinical treatment and personal practice. Chi Kung healers practice Chi Kung regularly to keep their own energy levels up and balanced. Practice of Chi Kung is also often recommended by the healer for the individual being treated as a way to balance and enhance his or her own energies.

The practice of Chi Kung taught by Meighan is on an individual basis or in small groups. Private instruction is available as follows:

30-minute session – $40
Five 30-minute sessions – $160
Sixty-minute classes will be offered based upon interest
(class fees and other locations to be announced).

Chi Kung Healing and Energy-Body HealingSM

Energy-Body HealingSM attends to all the energy systems of the individual—meridians, chakras and aura—to balance them and promote free flow of energy of the right quality and sufficient volume to enhance health in mind, body and spirit. It evolved from its origins in Healing Touch to incorporate methods and knowledge from Chi Kung Healing, Native American traditions and Reiki among others, to fully address any less-than-optimal function of these systems.

Chi Kung Healing is a very holistic, integrated, energetic approach to health and healing. It has a strong focus on prevention as well as treatment of illness and imbalance. Although all symptoms are considered, most Chi Kung healers have ways of assessing the actual state of the energy-body which directs the treatment process as well as the individual practices recommended. "These forms of treatments do not 'do to' someone, as much as it 'does with' them." [Damaris Jarboux, quoted in Chi Kung: Energy for Life by Jim MacRitchie (Harper Collins 2003, ISBN 0-00-714568 3)]

Both of these treatment types involve assessment and treatment of different energies and energetic patterns in the body including the aura field, cauldrons, meridians, sets of points, deep pathways, Chakras, organs, 5 elements, and Chi Kung Soul Retrieval. Treatment can combine general energy movement/activation with targeted work to release specific areas of blockage or restriction. For additional details, see the Links & Resources page.

Sessions may be scheduled for 60 minutes at a fee of $85 or 90 minutes at a fee of $110. An initial session of 90 minutes is required to allow adequate time for a full assessment and treatment as well as questions and discussion. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Meighan directly.

Integrative Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is a time-honored tradition in many cultures. Meighan's approach to massage therapy developed during her study at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and expanded with her training in a variety of healing methods. It is a balanced approach, with relaxation and therapeutic results being of equal importance to positive outcomes. She feels that the best healing for all aspects of an individual is achieved by stepping back from the "fight or flight" mode that too often becomes a part of daily living, and massage is an excellent tool to that end.

Meighan's massage practice is geared very specifically toward your concerns. She begins every new client's initial session with a survey of general health and the particular issues requiring treatment. Based on this knowledge, she customizes the therapy package used, incorporating elements from all areas of her training—deep-tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, prenatal massage, myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, Chi Kung healing, Energy-Body HealingSM, and Reiki—to create a relaxed state of body and mind coupled with improvement in your neuromuscular condition that can bring relief from chronic pain and enhance mobility. At each session thereafter, she reviews the status of your health and concerns and adjusts methods, pressure levels, etc. accordingly to continue to provide effective treatment.

One of the aspects that set Meighan's practice apart is her advanced level of education. She has over 1,500 hours of training in U.S. and China, which is more than double the number of training hours required by the state of Wisconsin to be a licensed massage therapist. This has led to the broad repertoire of therapeutic modalities and techniques which have enabled her to effectively help clients with all sorts of conditions such as chronic or acute pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis and depression, to name a few.

Sessions may be scheduled for 30 minutes at a fee of $50, 60 minutes at a fee of $85 or 90 minutes at a fee of $110. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Meighan.


Cash or Check only made out to Balance Therapies LLC
Treatment: Integrative Therapeutic Massage, Energy-Body HealingSM, Chi Kung Healing

30 minutes-----$50
60 minutes-----$85
90 minutes-----$110
120 minutes--$140

Energy-Body HealingSM and Chi Kung Healing sessions are not available for 30 minute sessions.